Becoming an Independent Distributor



Are you ready to JOIN the party and find out more about how to become a Distributor with It Works? I will show you how you can market the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator, AKA That Crazy Wrap Thing! at parties and make cash on each wrap! Now that It Works! Is a debt free company they want you to be DEBT FREE too!

Make money doing something you love and work from home. Work the hours you want and where you want!
When you become an It Works Independent Distributor, you start earning 10% commission* on every Loyal Customer and Distributor that you sign up. Plus, as the Enroller you earn an additional 5% commission*. You also earn 10% commission* on your 2nd Level Loyal Customers and Distributors. Your commissions* are virtually unlimited as you move up in the career plan. As you promote you earn more commission on more levels!

As you promote you can earn the Get Out Of Debt bonus AKA the G.O.O.D bonus! Earn thousands in bonuses each time you promote in a given time period! Earn a $500 bonus all the way up to a $75,000 bonus!!! I know right, how often do people get cash bonuses just for doing their job? There is no limit to how fast you can promote!

We follow a simple system called the Steps to Success. If followed, this simple and easy to follow system delivers results!

We share the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap and a ton of other Health & Wellness Supplements and products with others! The products are so amazing it makes things EASY!

Do you know anyone that could use extra money?

Do you know anyone that is looking for a great business opportunity?

Do you know anyone that might have areas on their body that they would like to Tighten, Tone, and Firm?

Do you know anyone that would like to be healthier?

If you said Yes to any of these questions you already have a group of people to start sharing It Works with!

Share It Works! with eveyone you know. Then make new friends and share it with them! Post about it, share pictures about it and be passionate about it! There are endless opportunities to share your business!

Friends, relatives, neighbors, Co-Workers, Facebook friends, your stylist, and your gym acquaintances all open up different areas to promote your business! People that you meet at the store, school, at a party and at a playdate all present a unique opportunity to share what you do! So much if this business may not even be who you know, but who they know and who they know! You may be surprised at how many strangers see you on social media and ask you about It Works! Wear an it Works shirt, hat, bracelet or jacket. Put an It Works decal on your car. Make it easy for people to see what you do and you will have people coming to you for business! You will meet so many new people.and make so many new friends and be a part of a Team that you can grow and promote with. Find a team that will support you and encourage you to build your business the best ways you can and help you grow in ways you never thought you could! A year from now you will wish you made the choice to join today!!!!

Start with purchasing the distributor kit at for $99. Throw a wrap party and sell all 4 wraps included in your kit for $25 each and make back your initial investment! Hit the ground running and there will be no stopping you or your team! Want a strong, motovational, supportive and encouraging team to be apart of? Join my team and become a part of something that will change your life! Email me at for more info and any questions you may have about It Works products or business!!!! I’d love to start this journey WITH you!


Disclaimer: Any references to income on this site represent average earnings and do not guarantee any amount earned. Earnings vary depending on distributor and their businesses.

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